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Dethroned Freebie Blast

Blurb I Followed him. Watched him. Stalked him.As a detective, it was my job. Jake Cryson was the best lead I had to getting information on the trafficking ring I’d been trying to bring down for the past year. He was the key. I could feel it in my bones. But I got caught… …AndContinue reading “Dethroned Freebie Blast”

Just One Regret Freebie Blast

Just One Regret by Stacey Lynn Is Free! This Is Book 3 In The Just One Series Blurb: Growing up, Grayson Legend and Kennedy Knowles were inseparable. They turned to each other when their families were nothing more than worthless guardians, and had promised each other to always stay friends. Then Kennedy did the unthinkable.Continue reading “Just One Regret Freebie Blast”