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A Very Bossy Christmas – My Favorite Things

I’m back and feeling much better today! Today will start a brand new series for the holiday season in which I will be showcasing some of my favorite holiday books, one book each Sunday until after New Years! So if you are looking for some great Holiday reads to get you in the spirit youContinue reading “A Very Bossy Christmas – My Favorite Things”

Top Favorite Subgenres Of Romance – My Favorite Things

I love all sorts of romance subgenres, although not all for example, although as a teen and young adult I lived for historical romance, they are not anything I am interested in anymore also paranormal, yeah, again went through the whole vampire craze with everyone else my age in my early twenties but grew outContinue reading “Top Favorite Subgenres Of Romance – My Favorite Things”

My Favorite Things Post

Today I’m not going to talk about a book or authors are anything related. Yesterday, as an American, I was finally able to breathe easier. This is coming from a white, heterosexual woman, so I cannot even begin to imagine the relief of those who are not like me. It has even such an incrediblyContinue reading “My Favorite Things Post”

Hoopla and Libby – My Favorite Things

So it is the November 1st and Audible Escape has left the building. As I browsed through Facebook today I see post after post whining about Audible discontinuing this service. Now don’t get me wrong as a voracious reader who very much enjoys audio books and is on a very limited budget I have usedContinue reading “Hoopla and Libby – My Favorite Things”

Melanie Harlow – My Favorite Things

Melanie Harlow is on of my all time favorite authors. I am slightly obsessed with one of her characters, Mack. I love everything about the sexy single father with a dirty mouth. Irresistible is the first book in the Cloverleigh Farms Series and the first book of Melanie Harlow’s that I ever read. I’ve sinceContinue reading “Melanie Harlow – My Favorite Things”

Top 5 Authors I Discovered This Year – My Favorite Things Post

So this post is all about the top five authors I discovered in 2020. Some are debut authors and some are just new to me! Enjoy. Kayley Loring I don’t know how it took me so long to actually read a book by Kayley Loring but I admit I’d read nothing until I read SleeperContinue reading “Top 5 Authors I Discovered This Year – My Favorite Things Post”

Helena Hunting – My Favorite Things Post

Hello everyone. Today I’m highlighting one of my top five favorite authors. She is also the first author I started reading ARCs for. So I guess you could say that was the catalyst for this blog and bookstagram. Helena Hunting has so may amazing books. I talked about my favorite, Fractures In Ink, yesterday, youContinue reading “Helena Hunting – My Favorite Things Post”

Jillian Dodd – My Favorite Things

This week let’s talk about Jillian Dodd! She is responsible for one of my all time favorite series that I talked about in yesterday’s weekly feature post, you can check that out here, The That Boy Series. Today I will link another couple of great series you may have seen me review on here before.Continue reading “Jillian Dodd – My Favorite Things”

Catherine Cowles – My Favorite Things

Here we are on another Sunday talking about another one of my favorite authors. Not only am I lucky enough to read Catherine Cowles’ books early but I’m also on her audio book review team and it is amazing! If you like emotional, heartfelt, angsty books then she has a book for you. Author BioContinue reading “Catherine Cowles – My Favorite Things”

Jay McLean – My Favorite Things

Here we are back to my series of favorite authors that I work closely with as a blogger, bookstagrammer and reviewer. Jay McLean is a new addition to my lineup. My first book of hers that I read was Lucas from The Prescott Brothers series and I fell in love with her emotional storylines. I’veContinue reading “Jay McLean – My Favorite Things”