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New Series and Cover Reveal from Kendall Ryan: Looking To Score

The Rebel Release Day: March 30, 2021 Blurb Eden’s entire life changed in an instant. After enduring a messy breakup and the death of her grandfather, she’s the new owner of his business, a struggling hockey franchise. Bad things happen in threes, right? Not one to back down from a challenge, she jumps in withContinue reading “New Series and Cover Reveal from Kendall Ryan: Looking To Score”

The Sterlings Series by Nicole Dykes Series Blitz

REGRETS Book One Blurb Healing after a tragedy is hard enough. Doing it when you’re haunted by past betrayal and so many things left unsaid?Feels nearly hopeless. Is it impossible to come back from so much anguish and all the regrets? Can you ever truly mend your heart and move on?Or are Penelope and LincContinue reading “The Sterlings Series by Nicole Dykes Series Blitz”

Adult Education Series Release Blitz

ADULT EDUCATION: THE SERIES It’s back to school time, and things are getting hot for the grown-ups in these classrooms! Pack a notebook and your favorite pen because we’re about to get some adult education. 😉 Six fabulous authors are bringing you a series of fully standalone short stories that will make the schoolgirl inContinue reading “Adult Education Series Release Blitz”

The Love Is Series by Cassie Cross Series Blitz

We have the sales blitz for Cassie Cross’ LOVE IS Series today! Check out the series, and be sure to pre-order The Layover, out August 13th! The Layover Love Is Book 5 Blurb Macy Monroe has spent two years living and working in Rome, dreaming about moving back home to Port City. That dream finallyContinue reading “The Love Is Series by Cassie Cross Series Blitz”

Soulmates Sexiness and Secrets Series Blitz

Soulmates – Sexiness and Secrets Series Series Blurb One couple. One Romance. One Siri-ous Seduction If you love strong, spirited women who go all-in-for-the-win when they find their Mr. Sexy, and you fall hard for mysterious badass heroes who will stop at nothing to tame then claim the woman of their dreams, you’ll love thisContinue reading “Soulmates Sexiness and Secrets Series Blitz”

The Heart Series by Michelle B. Series Blitz

Heart Series #1 Blurb What happens when you grow up with your soulmate and become as close as two people can become? Then, tragedy strikes, and you desperately fight yourself trying to hang on to what you have with him , but ultimately, push him away because of the pain and fear. Time passes. TheContinue reading “The Heart Series by Michelle B. Series Blitz”

The ”One” Series by K.A. Berg and T.E. Black Series Blitz

From K.A. Berg and T.E. Black comes a story of the forbidden desire—a story so delicious you’ll need more than One Taste. One Taste The “One” Series #1 Cover Design: TE Black Designs Blurb Sebastian – I live a good life. I’m successful, the CEO of the advertising firm my father built from the groundContinue reading “The ”One” Series by K.A. Berg and T.E. Black Series Blitz”

The Anti Here Chronicles by Mika Lane Series Blitz

The Anti-Hero Chronicles #1 Blurb “Break her in. Get her ready. I’m serious.”He pulled the door closed, and not a moment too soon. I was going to wring his neck, even if he was my brother. It was no accident that Echo Duncan was spared our violent shoot out.For that, she’s indebted to my twinContinue reading “The Anti Here Chronicles by Mika Lane Series Blitz”

The Random Acts Series By Julia Kent Series Blitz

Cover Design: Angela Jenks The Random Series Series Blurb It all started with a naked hitchhiker wearing a guitar — and only a guitar. And turned into a New York Times bestseller. A random meeting between a rural Ohio chick and a rich Boston musician kickstarted all sorts of random acts of love and lustContinue reading “The Random Acts Series By Julia Kent Series Blitz”

The Dark Odyssey by Faith Summers Series Blitz

Tease Me: Dark Odyssey #1 Blurb An angel like her… and a devil like me. Was it wrong to prey on the weak? Especially when the weak came in the form of this beautiful angel on the doorstep of my club. My club The Dark Odyssey. The place where people live out their wildest fantasies.Continue reading “The Dark Odyssey by Faith Summers Series Blitz”